• I'm a very respectful person, so I expect respect to be given in return
  • Meeting new friends is always  a pleasure. Which is why the screening process is so Important. Please keep this process as enjoyable & pleasurable as you would like your experience to be. If you're not willing to be screened there will be no reason to contact me as I will Not see you. 
  • I Do Not accept texts from new clients. First contact must be made via my website or email with proper verfication info. 
  • " Hey are you free" is Not a proper greeting 
  • Safety & Discretion are always #1. Attempting to discuss illegal services is strictly fobidden & will automatically terminate communication or visit. If at any time during our conversation or visit I feel uncomfortable, you'll be given a warning to correct the issue, if it persists the conversation or visit will be terminated and donation forfeited. 
  • Hygiene is extremely important. Please show up to our visit freshly showered & groomed. If for some reason you are unable to do so, I do offer toiletries & amenities, just let me know so i can be prepared for that. 
  • Outcalls, I expect the space that we will be enjoying each other in to be clean and tidy, If you have pets, please put them away and if you have roommates please make sure we are alone.
  • If you're going to be late please let me know and if you're going to be really late please reschedule as my time and the time of others who have scheduled is important.
  • No Call No Shows are automatically Blacklisted 
  • What you do with your personal time is completely up to you, however I do ask that you show up for our time sober. If you show up to our appointment obviously intoxicated the visit will be terminated and Full Doantion forfeited. If you like to indulge in illegal substances please Do Not invite them to our party or have them around me for my own protecton. 
  • Specials/Discounts I Do Not offer specials. Please don't call wondering if i have any. I do however offer some discounts to regularly scheduled returning clients, public servants, military personnel (w/ID), and advanced bookings 
  • I Do Not give refunds. You are responsible for time booked. If you book an hour and leave in 30 minutes you're still responsible for that hour.
  • Special requests are honored within reason, so please if you'd like a special outfit or wanting to try something new please put in contact form


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