About Miss Charlee

Hello Gentlemen, 

I'm Miss Charlee Cruz, an Independent provider, serving Des Moines, Iowa & the Midwest since 2011. I'm a multi-racial bombshell, as I see it a beautiful concoction of White, Spanish, Indian & African-American. I'm 35 yrs old & stand 5'2", 110lbs, my measurements are 34C-25-30, so yes... a petite, tight little body. I've got big beautiful brown eyes and long black hair. I'm really into fitness, so I've got an athletic frame, perky breasts and smooth as silk skin.

Along with my beautiful body comes a beautiful personality. I love to laugh, so a sense of humor is a bonus but I also like to be intrigued & mentally challenged. I'm fun, smart and out-going. I have two college degrees as well as a nursing degree, so I'm well-rounded, down-to-earth and a great conversationalist. 

My goal is to make you feel as comfortable and safe as possible. I'm laid back & relaxed and ready to treat you like a man is supposed to be treated. A little playful yet passionate & sensual touching & teasing with some light kissing. 

My companionship is phenomenal, I am the total package, beyond compare the best girlfriend experience without all the drama of a conventional relationship. Whether it's a night out on the town, a weekend getaway or something a little more private and laid back with me all things are possible.

 Kissing and telling is never a worry, I'm a very discreet person, much like Vegas.... "Whats happens with Charlee stays with Charlee". Your privacy and satisfaction are of up-most importance to me, our time together wills always be special and will never be rushed. I consider myself to be respectful and highly respectable.

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Added on January 3, 2017

Charlee is absolutely beautiful and incredible woman and she is so friendly. She was not in a rush and she makes you feel comfortable like your old friends. There is no ackward moments with Charlee. She is a doll. I could not imagine anyone better.

Added on September 28, 2016

I saw Charlee for the first time last week. She was as beautiful as her photos and possessed a smile that would melt any heart. Her sense of humor was a treat and she knows football! :-) I have to say Charlee is the real deal and I feel like I have made a new friend. Charlee is so special indeed. I am still smiling!

Added on October 21, 2015

I have seen Charlee several times and the visits just keep getting better and better. She meets you with a smile and a hug and from there she sweeps you off your feet. She now seems to anticipate my desires and makes the time very pleasurable. She does not rush our time together. Charlee is very beautiful and her pictures are accurate only now she has short hair. She is small and that just makes things more enjoyable for me. She is easy to talk to and will keep up a conversation with any topic you like. Charlee is a very special person and I can not wait to see her again.!

Added on October 13, 2015

Charlee is simply amazing in all aspects and it would be impossible to not enjoy your time with her. Cute as can be, honest, personable, dependable, open minded and willing to try new things. We've shared many,many laughs, she's intelligent to be able to carry on a conversation and has a natural ability to make you feel at ease. The total package to say the least. I couldn't have been more impressed and enjoyed every minute from the moment she opened the door. You will leave with the feeling you've made a friend.

Added on June 6, 2015

I E-mailed Charlee to make an appointment. Our texts were very wonderful!! When we met I found Charlee to be a very wonderful and beautiful young lady. Her features were delicate, fine and so alluring. Charlee is very intelligent, personable, understanding, kind, and sweet person. Also a great conversationalist with a fantastic sense of humor. Charlee possesses an unbelievable ability to anticipate and provide to a gentleman all of their needs and desires. I can say without any reservations that my time with Charlee was absolutely the most wonderful experience ever. She is soooo special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added on March 18, 2015

when I met her she looked just like her photos! She is very sweet and is nice just to talk to, she is a lot of fun, one of the best times I ever had with a girl. I would definitely want to see her again. She doesn't show them in her gallery (and she should) because she has some of the prettiest feet I've ever seen!

Added on September 26, 2014

Charlee is a sweet, passionate, and pleasant person. She is very focused on customer desires/wishes and fulfills their fantasies. She is hugely attractive and articulate. If you want an exciting and yet respectful experience spend time with this great person. You will not be disappointed and will want to spend time with Charlee again. Her web site information and photos give an accurate description. Can't wait until I see her again.
Ron S.

Added on December 30, 2013

I met with Charlee, at her hotel. Sooked great. Tight black jeans, a nice red top. Talked for awhile about her week, and Christmas. It was great we were in no rush. When we got down to business it was outstanding. She is a beautiful woman from whatever angle you look at. We enjoyed our time together. I plan on seeing her again in the future. I wish I could keep her to myself,
mike green

Added on September 9, 2013

I have made reviews for Charlee before but not for her site so I can say what I would like to.First let me say Charlee is the real thing and what she says she will do she is very easy to talk to.She will give you the full time you ask for she is really a sweetheart,goodtime,better than a wife or girlfriend.i am not going to say what I might have done on a date with her like a book or movie I won't say what the ending is you can make your own but I will say if you treat her right it will be a great date.There are so many bad escorts or entertainers you won't get that with Charlee.The first time I saw her I hoped she was old enough she doesn't show her face but she is petty and cute petite body,pretty soft skin,nice butt and legs .She hasn't had work done on her body like a lot of the girls.You can look up her reviews on a lot of sites and see that she is well thought of and gets high stars.I see Charlee every time I go to Des Moines I just wished we lived closer I would see her every week she has to be one of the best around.I first started out seeing her one &amp; half hours that wasn't enough so I went to 3 hrs I wished I had the time for over nights.I recommend you try her out I don't think you will be sorry like with so many of the girls this is why Charlee has so many regulars and good reviews.one night I drove almost 3 hours to see her it was late but she made the time to see me you just can't find a date like that most the time but she knows meThis is another thing to see her its best to get verified before you call her so she knows you are safe like I said she is a little thing but with a big bang don't let her size fool you she is good.There is a lot more I could say about Charlee but this should give you a good idea of her.Have a great date

Added on September 7, 2013

Made a call to Charlee and we met in her motel. I wasn't from DM so she gave me very good directions. She came down to the backside of the motel and let me in as she wanted to do this. Safety I suppose.... She looked very very good and we proceeded to the room. We talked for a while and got to know each other. Talked about the hobby a little and some of the difficult people that we meet sometimes. It was great, no rush. We then got down to business you might say. It was very nice view from all angles with her. We enjoyed each other very much. Anyway I will and plan on seeing her again as it has been a while since I have been back to DM. Yes go see her.... Wait don't go see her as I would love to keep her to myself..... :) Charlee until we meet again.....

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